AQMC – Air Quality Management Company

Is California based company, global Air Quality Management Company (AQMC), dedicated to purifying the air we breathe, specializing in making the indoor air as fresh and pure as the air outside. With energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and social responsibility in the core of everything we do, making the air you breathe healthier is what we pride ourselves doing over more than 30 years.

Through that time, we have worked hard to create our product technology unique in the market enabling you to treat both air and the surfaces the air touches, free of any germs, pathogens, viruses, bacteria and odor. We go where air goesTM and do what we do best, clean, purify and disinfect the air around you so you can focus on your family, business, loved ones, and yourself!


AQMC technology is that it is scalable. This means that the units are modular and do not require extensive customization to cope with larger and more complex projects.

No Filter Required

Our machines have no filters, which (after their relatively short use) need to be discarded, and with some being located in medical environments (potentially full of pathogens) or kitchen applications, they are literally toxic, and as such require proper disposal.

Low Power Consumption

Being an electric device, AQMC uses as much power as a standard lightbulb in your home. Imagine that! Now imagine all the competitor room sized machines which require massive amounts of electricity to power those machines and technologies.

No Chemical

With medical application, and other applications where surface cleaning is required, the amount of chemicals (and some usually very toxic) being used is quite significant. Those chemicals are usually not environmentally friendly, and usually have side effects to the people that use them over extended periods of time, with potential to cause allergies, breathing difficulties and other issues, which in turn impact on productivity and cost to the employer.

Minimal Maintenance Cost

Finally, the amount of manpower required for cleaning, changing and maintaining filter based systems, disposing of hazardous materials and substances, all have associated costs.

How it works

Eliminate Covid-19

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