Putra Mandira has been providing advance tactical training to the air force and deployed team more than 10 IPs (Instructor Pilots). We brings a unique level of experience to military training tasks having so far trained more than 50 students and 20 instructors across many disciplines. Here some of training we have done:

NVG – Night Vision Goggle

  • Ground School Theory
  • Flying Phase Practical
    • Introduction
    • Daylight Recce
    • Navigation/Map Reading
    • Basic Tactical Sortie
    • Revision Sortie
    • Final Check/Test

GCI – Ground Controlled Interception

  • Ground School Theory
  • Simulator Phase Practical
  • Practical Live Exercise

AFTC – Advance Fighter Tactics Course

  • Ground School Theory
  • Live Exercise
    • SU27/30
    • F16
    • T50
    • Super Tucano
  • Required CGI Training
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